Terms & Conditions

Last Update 28 december ’18


Stichting Blockchain Promotie applies unique terms that fit the evolving real-time dynamics of “meeting and working” in society. These Terms and Conditions apply to the general use of the website and the booking of Meeting spaces and Workspaces.

  1. Workspace 
    Workspaces can be used by individuals that have access via a key pass that are located in the Lisk Center space of the Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile. Unless communicated otherwise, workspaces are available for use without making a financial transaction in exchange of Social Capital.  

You get access to the Lisk Center space by obtaining a key pass that will be registered in your name. Obtaining a key pass gives you no rights or claims in any way regarding access or facilities the Lisk Center space and the Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile offices offer. Stichting Blockchain Promotie can immediately decide in all cases to reclaim your key pass and prevent you getting access to the Lisk Center space.

  1. Exchange of Social Capital
    Social Capital (SC) is the added value of individual talents of all players within a value network. At Lisk Center Utrecht we regard Social Capital as complementary to monetary currency. You can book Workspaces in exchange of Social Capital instead of money. By agreeing to the exchange of Social Capital you agree to demonstrate openness to meet others at our locations and share your knowledge with them. The exchange of Social Capital fosters relationship building and enhances the learning capacity of the overall Lisk Center Utrecht ecosystem.
  2. Booking fees
    Some locations may charge a booking fee for booking Meeting spaces or Workspaces.
  3. Your personal belongings
    Lisk Center Utrecht cannot be held liable for any case of damage or loss of your property or personal belongings you bring to any of our locations.
  4. Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile (JIM) 
    Lisk Center Utrecht (LCU) is part of the Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile. For this reason all LCU participants have to comply with their overruling Terms and Conditions. By signing this agreement you also recognize you have received a copy, read and understand their Terms and Conditions.


Jaarbeursplein 6
3521 AL Utrecht
The Netherlands

+31 6 57 02 28 21



M-F: 9am – 5pm

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