UPDATE  Awarded with a Lisk Builders Grant! 

DID Solution for Communities

An experiment to learn by doing. With community members we will build an open-source Digital Identity solution with the goal to learn about these concepts and how we can build trustless systems. See it as an experience in decentralised learning. Everyone can join. The only requirement is that you share your skills and knowledge when you learn along with us. This solution will be used by Lisk Center in the future.

After a couple of sessions we pivoted to a DAO solution. DAO stands for Decentralised Autonomous Organization. We are building a Proof of Concept with the LiskSDK.

LCU members working on the project 

Peter Nobels

Ecosystem designer

I’m a business developer and management consultant. Working on concepts which innovate the collaboration within ecosystems. Mostly for healthcare.

Xinrong Ding

Design thinker

I'm a Design Thinker. Being an interaction designer for more than 15 years, thinking as a design is my second nature.

Jurre Machielsen


Connector, speaker, conceptual thinker at Moosty & LCU

Raphael Cornelis

Front-End Developer

Finance, strategy & Front-end developer at Moosty & LCU


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