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Cookies uses cookies. A cookie is a small data file with text stored on your hard drive via your browser. Information that is being saved there can be send back to our server again at your next visit.

By using cookies we make sure the homepage is as user friendly as possible. The cookies are used to measure anonymous and individual behavior in order to gain insight into how users use (parts of) the website, which enables us to improve our website. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to become a member of our social media channels and provide you with the opportunity to recommend us via these platforms.

The enabling or the disabling of cookies can be adjusted via your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome). Deleting cookies is done via your browser as well. Furthermore, you can exactly select which you cookies you would like to accept and which cookies you would like to reject. Since the making of these adjustments can vary from browser to browser it might be helpful to use the ‘help’ function of your browser.

Google Analytics

We employ the Analytics service provided by the US company Google, from which we have obtained a processor agreement. We mask IP-addresses and do not allow Google to share this data with other Google services or third parties.

For registered and logged in user profiles only, we allow the USER-ID property to track how individual users interact with the platform. When you prefer to opt out of this function, you can do so in the passport section of your user profile.

Google is allowed to obtain access to this data only if Google is obliged to do so by law. has no influence over this process. We have not allowed Google to use the obtained information for other services.

Social media buttons
On our website you will find buttons with which you can promote the website on social network platforms (e.g. a “like” on Facebook or a “Share” on Twitter). These buttons function with the help of pieces of code that are provided by these social platforms. We cannot block cookies from being placed by means of these codes. Please read the privacy statements of these platforms regularly, since they can be adjusted frequently.


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