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The LCU Community is a loosely coupled network of developers and blockchain enthusiasts working on the next generation of blockchain applications. Meet them during events, through our online channels, or by sending an old fashioned email.

See our core community members down below!

Raphael Cornelis


Finance, strategy & Front-end developer at Moosty & LCU

Robert de Groot

Jurre Machielsen


Connector, speaker, conceptual thinker at Moosty & LCU

Rinke Hendriksen

IOV-labs, Swarm, Web3 Services

I'm an economist, turned developer, focussing on the blockchain space.

George Zeeman


An old school ICT guy, who started in 1976 with hollerith cards and paper tape and today is very enthusiastic about the crypto sphere.

Koen Rijnsent

Valid Value & Castoro

Social multilingual nerd with an interest in spreadsheets, maps, blockchain, finances/numbers and much more.

Rieke Smakman

Smakman Legal Tech

I am an independent Dutch lawyer, drawing on 20+ years of legal experience in commercial law.

Gijs-Jan van Dompseler


Cloud Architect, Blockchain Developer / Integrator and Microsoft Certified Professional Developer. Open and creative, with an eye for detail.

Xinrong Ding

Connect Flow International BV

I'm a Design Thinker. Being an interaction designer for more than 15 years, thinking as a design is my second nature.

JP de Pont

I’m a blockchain enthusiast and studying its potential. I’m also a beta tester and proofreader for a few exciting new blockchain projects.

Kiril Ivanov

Highbridge Innovation B.V.

I'm a BUIDLer and disruptor. Having 17+ years of experience in IT in finance, I like to build the decentralized solutions for traditional industries

Jan-Bart van Aalst


I am a freelance developer for many years. Since last year I got interested in blockchain stack developing. I joined Lisk center last year.

Michiel B. de Jong

Inrupt, LedgerLoops, ToS;DR

I work at on redecentralizing the web at Inrupt. In my spare time I work on hashlocked credit networks in the LedgerLoops project.

Amine Ouadrhiri


Marketing & Video content specialist. On a mission to create great content and to unite the cryptosphere. Managing Director @MinisterieVanCreativiteit

Rouke Pouw

hybrix, sembl

Rouke Pouw is a developer / stunt man based in Amsterdam. Freelancing to do powerfull, ethical, fun, and overall good things

Peter Nobels


I’m a business developer and management consultant. Working on concepts which innovate the collaboration within ecosystems. Mostly for healthcare.

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