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Our Incubator & Accelerator Facilities

Push your startup forward by learning from established entrepeneurs, qualified trainers and experienced community members. Connect to the networks of likeminded individuals who can help you get where you need to go to take the next step. You and your startup are part of a group of founders with whom you will follow the whole programme.

Accelerator Programme 2021

Successfully Ended

Get inspired by experienced entrepreneurs

Benefit from regular talks by established entrepreneurs. Learn about their journey, successes and failures and ask them specific questions relating to their experience.

Learn from fellow startups & our trainers

With workshops you will work to improve your startup and help others. Topics like the LEAN canvas, brand management, business models, tokenization, and also team- & personal growth and 1-on-1 sessions with experts.

Get in touch with our offline & online community

Get in touch with our online & offline, local & global network. With knowledgeable developers, entrepreneurs, local organisations and international blockchain communities.


As part of the Lisk Accelerator Program, participants will join a mastermind group. This group is specifically set up to exchange ideas and feedback in a relaxed setting outside of the weekly workshops. We will meet every 2 weeks, and during each session, one participant presents a specific challenge that they’re currently facing. For example: “How can I best reach a new target group?”, or “in which ways could I improve my current marketing funnel?”. Using the method we’ve used for previous masterminds, we ensure clear feedback and new ideas. In addition to the challenges, we discuss the goals of each participant, and hold each other accountable for those goals. By exchanging ideas, expertise and experiences, you will acquire new energy, inspiration and business growth.

Community Based Accelerator

We encourage community members to work together and to find new possibilities to extend the blockchain ecosystem. While the technology is still in its development stage, we believe it is especially important for a young ecosystem to be grounded in a common space to work and closely collaborate. LCU is the place to start your incubation period and with connections to multiple incubators we provide you with the right expertise at the right time.

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