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Access to Lisk Center Utrecht is free in exchange for social capital. That counts for every individual. As a LCU paid member you make a financial contribution of € 50 per month for which you receive an access pass, among other things. This financial contribution makes it possible for the LCU to develop even more activities for members. 

LCU Crowdfund 2020

Lisk Center Utrecht is a non-profit organisation and is totally dependend on donations. We are starting a crowdfund to fund the location and the operational costs for 2020.

More details will follow in a blogpost.

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Read about the latest news at Lisk Center Utrecht. We share our journey with you through our monthly blog.

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Proud to see so many partners of Lisk Center Utrecht. Together we are enabling the blockchain ecosystem to and flourish in the Netherlands.  Also want to become a parnter of Lisk Center Utrecht? Get in touch!

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